How You Can Help

Action Hope Malawi is currently looking for financial and material support to do the following:

  1. Construct its Offices within its Impact area in Zomba
  2. Introduce Income Generating Activities that will sustain its programs
  3. Support its self-introduced and Non funded PRIMARY JUSTICE Program to support community members access justice right in their communities
  4. Introduce IT program that will enable young people to access HIV/AIDS, SRH, Education etc info through computer
  5. Support community Volunteers in areas of transport and capacity building initiatives


AHM is also looking for professional Volunteers (local or International volunteers) to help in areas of:
  1. Adolescent Development
  2. Human Rights & Advocacy
  3. Livilihood

If you want to help in any ways, please contact:
The Executive Director,
Action Hope Malawi,
P.O Box 20,
Cell: +265 999278780


“Improving lives of marginalized community members through social and economic empowerment, information access and quality service delivery”

Action Hope Malawi through funding from Tilitonse has managed to implement most its planned activities in all four quarters. Some of the activities conducted include; community entry meetings with local structures, Conduct Awareness Meetings, Staff/Facilitators Refresher Training, building capacity of learners in schools on rights, exchange learning visits, sensitization meetings, radio program, review meetings and monitoring and documentation among other project activities. These activities have help the achievement of project out puts which is build capacity of communities in citizen voice and action and also communities engaging with service providers for improved access to education services. Through the experience of project implementation it can be recommended that wiring of funds from the Tilitonse has to be done timely as it hind and affect most project activities. This reduces the time frame for maximum results. On the other hand increase of funding period from one to two years would ably help to mitigate this challenge


A vibrant Board of Trustees provides oversight to the activities and policies of Action Hope Malawi. The Board of Trustees approves the work plans and budgets of the organization. The Board formulates policy and provides guidance of the organization and works as advisory body to the organization. Action Hope Malawi secretariat which is headed by the Executive Director, manages day to day operations of the organization and program implementation.


Action Hope Malawi is an active member of a number of networks and associations such as: Malawi Network of AIDS Service Organization (MANASO), Water and Environmental Sanitation Network (WES Network), Malawi Network of people living with HIV/AIDS (MANET+) Civil Society Network on Nutrition (CSONA), Civil Society Network on Agriculture (CISANET),Zomba Civil Society Organization and Malawi Economic Justice Network (MEJN).

Our Honourable Partners